It was just one night
One late night dream
I saw your fight
Against the last scene
You said goodbye
And took the train
No time to cry
Tears are like rain
Pouring as a river
Running to the sea
Your finger pulls the trigger
And goodbye cup of tea
Spread on the floor
Like a dead dry whore

I swear you are the only one
who can light my face
And that ain’t good
Suddenly I’m here alone
All that’s left is an embrace
And that ain’t good
It seems that I love you
And that ain’t good
That ain’t good

I kept all your memories
For all these years
It’s been a while with this
Wounding the sound, so fierce
Back then I was paranoid
And everything got complicated
Tell me what to avoid
when life gets intricate!
I’m not the type of guy
who gets wasted
But being without the sky
Is all about foundations
To speed up the ground
While you walk around

I swear you were the only one
who made my life great
And that ain’t good
All of a sudden I’m alone
Waiting for death to meet you

And that ain’t good
It seems that I love you
And that ain’t good
That ain’t good

I’m not fine
I’m not alright
I want to cross the line
See the other sight
Tell me what to avoid
if I want to succeed
My life’s been destroyed
Since you stopped to breath
You were like a miracle
But not an everlasting one
I wish you were physical
And show you what I’ve never shown
Tell me what not to avoid
if I want to die
Because nothing really matters
If I still want to cry
for you.

I really want to die
My home feels like a slaughterhouse
And that ain’t good
Your beauty was like a rose

Spreading color in my life
And that was good
So, it seems that I love you
Once that was good
Now that ain’t so good
That ain’t good
This ain’t good
And I may be tired
But I’m not gonna fail
I’m not gonna fail
I’ll wait ‘till I sail
Sail on to you
When I die for you
That ain’t

(Escrita em Agosto 2008)

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