If you only knew how terrified i’ve been
Fear I might lose you ‘cause of entanglements
I still hope you understand what you’ve seen
So I won’t have to fall into the pavement

It’s four to three
I’m losing my grip
All alone
If you could see
How I crawl on the street
‘cause we ain’t done

Come back to me
Like I’m better now than ever
It’s four to three
Still I can hold you forever
I’m hanged on some wire
I can’t dissolve
Come back before the fire
Is ready to evolve

I find no sleep
No matter how many times I try
These overdone letters
Can’t let it skip
Can’t let my heart die
Or float in feathers

If it ain’t skip a beat
It might stumble on some rock
I still crawl on the street
Even if you don’t give a fuck

I have the words to say
What you are, and what you were
If only you felt this way
You would know a cage can kill a bird

I’m stuck on you
Like you’re better than everyone else
The clock is true
Four to three and I lost myself
I’m hanged on some wine
I can’t throw away
Come back while I’m still fine
Tomorrow can be too late

I’m on my knees
Like I have nothing else to do
The hours can’t tease
And four to three remember me of you
I’m hanged on our dream
I can’t really wake
If only you have seen
I was true being yours to take

It’s four to three
Minutes seem to stop
And I’m up to you
You can’t really see
I avoid a final dot
‘cause only commas are true

If there’s an end
Don’t you let me know it
So early in time
I could pretend
Even though
I wouldn’t really lie

It’s four to three
I can’t sleep
You had all of me
I’m still here to keep

So let me into you

Come back to me
Let me whisper I’m sorry
Into your ear
Come back to me
Let me say I love you
Like I never did

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